Hazardous Material Leaks & Spills

Unintentional/Intentional Release
Dangerous Goods
Hazardous Materials

Remember...Stay calm.  Help others remain calm.  When you are reporting an emergency situation give concise, accurate answers to the 911 operator. Do not hang up until told to do so. The Campus Safety and Police phone number is 278-5555—on campus ext. 5555.

A dangerous good or hazardous material is any solid, liquid or gas that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment.

A dangerous good or hazardous material may be radioactive, flammable, explosive, bio-hazardous, toxic, corrosive, oxidizing, asphyxiating, pathogenic, allergenic or may have other characteristics that render it dangerous or hazardous under specific circumstances.

Upon witnessing or discovering an unintentional/ intentional release of dangerous goods or hazardous materials Elon University Campus Safety and Police recommend that the person(s) responsible for the area or activity perform the following tasks:

  1. Remain Calm- Provide for the life safety of those at risk.
  2. Summon help and dial 911 from a safe location and contact Campus Safety and Police – 5555.
  3. Identify the materials involved- secure a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheets – located at Physical Plant (As well as online and various places in McMichael Science Center).
  4. Secure the area.
  5. Deny entry.
  6. Account for the occupants.
  7. Wait for help in a safe location.

Priorities are always
Life Safety –Stabilization –Conservation of Property and Environment