Police, fire and serious medical emergencies Call 9-1-1

Remember... Stay calm. Help others remain calm. When you are reporting an emergency situation give concise, accurate answers to the 911 operator. Do not hang up until told to do so.

The authority to declare a campus state of emergency will be made by the University President or his designee. During the period of any campus major emergency, the University shall place into effect the appropriate procedures necessary in order to meet the emergency needs to maintain educational facilities, with the primary concern being the safety of personnel. Campus Safety & Police shall immediately consult with the President, Provost, and the Vice President for Business Finance and Technology regarding the emergency and the possible need for a declaration of a state of emergency.

When the declaration is made, only authorized persons will be permitted on campus. Unauthorized persons remaining on site may be subject to arrest in accordance with the North Carolina Crimes statutes.

This guide was designed to provide the Elon University community with the general knowledge of certain emergency conditions as they may be related to weather, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and the reporting of medical situations and criminal activities.

Keep in mind that when dialing 911 it will go to the Alamance County communications center. Keep this guide by your telephone or in a central location for quick reference.

For an emergency dial 911

Campus Safety and Police 278-5555 on campus ext. 5555.