Transitioning Advice from Your Peers

Get advice from other students who have been there. Current Elon students were challenged with the questions:


Transitioning from High School


Transition Strategies:
Opportunities In & Out of Class

Sam Jones, Class of 2015

“The transition from high school to college couldn’t be more different and thrilling. My advice to incoming students would be  to take advantage of all the opportunities Elon gives to you, be active in your friendships, take pride in your work (especially in the work you want to do with your life), and let yourself really enjoy the college experience!”


Transition Strategies:
Getting Involved

Le To, Class of 2015

"The hardest part of my transition was seeing older students who were always busy and always had friends or an organization to go to, and I felt left out because it was hard for me to find those opportunities. I talked to my advisor and my mentor, and I got out of my comfort zone. I tried to get involved with as many organizations as I could and applied for part time jobs to keep busy. Now that I look back to that difficulty during my first year, I ask myself Why was that difficult? Why did I worry? Now I’m the busy older student with so much going on."


College Changes You



Meaningful Experiences



Experiential Learning

Omolayo Ojo, Class of 2015

“Elon ELRs really augment your learning. Most majors require at least one of them. You’d be surprised how many you’ll end up picking up during your time here. But it’s up to you to make them meaningful and integrate them well into your overall academic, professional and personal journey. Don’t let them just be a check on your degree audit or bucket list.”













Other Tips

Roommate Relationship

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Class of 2017

You have to make your own relationship with your roommate. In the past you were friends with people but you may have never actually had to live with someone, so it’s a very different situation. You have to learn to communicate with your roommate so that you both can coexist happily.

Know Your Resources

Caroline Kruse, Class of 2017

My advice to incoming students would be just to know your resources. Listen during orientation, listen during Elon 101, and if you struggle making the transition go to people for help. Not everyone is going to find their way and figure things out automatically. Learn from the people around you, and know where to go if things don’t fit perfectly right away because there are struggles in the transition and you’ll have to overcome them.


Enjoy What You Do

Lori Schachle, Class of 2015

Elon is constantly adding new majors and minors, and they’re great about helping you explore different things. Don’t settle for something you’re not passionate about, because Elon offers resources to help you find something you will love. Whether you’re choosing a major, a study abroad experience, or just choosing an elective class, make sure it’s something you’re interested in and not something you’re just trying to check off a list. When you really enjoy your work it shows, and that’s how Elon transforms students into passionate, successful movers and shakers in so many fields. You’re paying for your experience at Elon; make it exciting and worth your time.