Trial Advocacy Board

Elon Law’s Trial Advocacy Board, commonly referred to as the Mock Trial Competition Team, was created in 2010 and is an active Board at Elon Law. Interested students should complete both Evidence and Trial Practice and Procedure prior to your try-out or concurrently with your competition semester.

Annually, Trial Advocacy Board Members compete in regional and national civil and criminal trial team competitions with other law schools. In past years, Elon Law’s Trial Advocacy Board has competed in both the National Trial Competition (TYLA) and the National Student Trial Advocacy Competition (AAJ), an annual nationwide mock trial competition.

Both competitions are exceptional opportunities for Elon law students to develop and practice their trial advocacy skills before distinguished members of the bar and bench.

Coach Contact Information:

Professor Catherine Ross Dunham –

Important Fall Dates:

October 6 – Informational Meeting for Interested Students
October 17 – Tryouts beginning at 9:00 a.m. 

2015-16 Trial Advocacy Board Members:

Jocelyne Riehl
Mackenzie Meyers
Kaitlyn Bailey
Gonzalo Ventura

Past Trial Advocacy Board Members:

Timothy Dugan L’15
Paul Mengert L’15
Joshua Rotenstreich L’15
Zachary Usher L’15
Campbell Thomas L’15
Mallory Horne L’14
Tony Huynh L’14
David Lambert L’14
Peter Lamm L’14
Peyton Mansure L’14
Ryan Moffitt L’14
Kaalil Muhammad L’14
Tom Prendergast L’14
Monique Smart L’14
Rachel Spears L’14
Ben Woody L’14
Mark Wilson L’13
Sherea Burnett L’13
Dustin Gill L’13
Karima Grady L’13
Michael Koeltzow L’13
Gwendolyn Lewis L’13
Jacob Pryor L’13
Justin Ramey L’13
Kaitlin Shimansky L’13
Katherine Youngblood L’13
Robert Garner L’12
Austin Morris L’12
Joshua Nielsen L’12
Simon O'Brien L’12
Mathew Schantz L’12
Ashley Smith L’12
Ryan Spencer L’12
Jim Stanton L’12
Christopher Cleaveland L’11
Laura Lee Gillenwater L’11
Catherine Hallman L’11
Megan Risen L’11
Leslie Sherrill L’11
Casey Shillito L’11
David Stephens L’11
Megan Youngblood L’11 and Founder