The Greensboro-built Fusion F306 3d printer is a high-quality printer with a very large build volume (up to 12”x 12”x 12”, or 306 cubic mm). It can also print using a variety of filaments.


The Fusion F306 is located in Maker Hub – Colonnades. Training is not required to use the printer. If you need help, please talk to a student staff member. 

Tutorials and resources

Fusion F306 manual

Technical details

Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Print volume: 306 x 306 x 306 mm (1748 in3)
Max print speed: 250 mm/s
Max travel speed: 550 mm/s
Positioning resolution: 21 micron (horizontal plane)
Minimum feature size: .45 mm2
Vertical resolution: 100 – 300 micron
Print head size: 0.4 mm
Feature tolerances ±0.003” per inch

Print head E3D all-metal, actively cooled
Filament size 1.75 mm
Exterior size 606 x 645 x 560 mm
Weight 30 lb
Max print head temp. o o 300 C (572 F)
Max bed temp. o o 140 C (284 F)
Electrical input 110VAC 500W
Connectivity SD card, USB cable