Elon offers a number of options for Faculty, Staff, and Students to reserve and/or rent vehicles for their use.

Car Share

Elon’s car sharing program provides students (as well as faculty and staff) with 24/7 access to fuel-efficient vehicles parked right on campus in three locations: McMichael parking lot, Global parking lot and Danieley Center parking lot. There is a low annual membership fee. Once a member, students can reserve a car online. Low hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance and 180 miles per day. Students need to be 18+ to join.

Click here to learn more and join. 

Moseley Vans

Elon offers vans and mini buses, that are available for university group travel.  However, drivers must be on the University approved driver list in order to drive a University vehicle. 

Click here for more information about reserving a Van from Moseley.


If you do not own a bike, a limited number are available for rent by semester or year from Campus Recreation. If you do own a bike, it must be registered with the Office of Safety & Police (no fee involved).  This will also ensure that bicycles are not accidentally removed, as well as the location of a bicycle if one has been stolen.  A self-service, bicycle maintenance station is located outside the Koury Athletic Center.

Click here for more information about renting Bicycles.

Zagster Bike Share Program

SGA launched a pilot bike rental program with the company Zagster. The program includes two bike stations: one in Danieley and one in Moseley. You can use any of the bikes for a maximum of three hours and return to either station! The pilot program is free for students who registered prior to June 1. After June 1, there is a nominal $50.00 registration per year. To use the program, just download the Zagster app & make an account by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, please email Student Body Secretary Rachel Hobbs at

Click here for more information about Zagster.