How many semester hours is the minor?
  • The minor requires 20 semester hours above German 121.
Can I get minor credit for my AP score or a good placement test score?
  • Elon will grant graduation credits for that, but not minor credits. The university wants students to improve on what they’re already capable of after high school—there is no minor you can earn by taking one or two courses.
I have a high placement test score, but I’d like to start in a lower course. Is that OK?
  • Yes. If, for example, you place into GER 222 but would like to start with GER 221 (one level lower), you can simply register for the lower course. To drop two levels, you’ll need to ask the German faculty for permission.
What are the requirements?
Can I get credit for courses not on the list?
  • Yes. You can petition the German Studies coordinator, Dr. Scott Windham, to approve other courses on a case-by-case basis. Special note regarding Art History courses: The majority of ARH courses can count for the German Studies minor if you consult with the course instructor and the German Studies coordinator, Dr. Scott Windham, prior to the beginning of the course.
Can I get credit for study abroad courses?
  • Yes. You can get credit for summer or semester abroad courses. Many of the courses at our study abroad sites—Heidelberg, Aachen, Reutlingen, and the University of Applied Sciences in Austria—count for the minor. See Dr. Windham before selecting your courses.