What is Physics? Learn by doing at Elon

Physics is the study of the nature and properties of matter and energy. These realms include mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism and the structure of atoms.

Elon’s Department of Physics is characterized by an innovative curriculum where students learn physics by doing physics. We are student-centered, focused on high-quality teaching and mentoring in courses and cutting-edge undergraduate research projects. You’ll be welcomed into a friendly and supportive community that includes an active Society of Physics Students chapter.

Our degrees in physics, astrophysics, astronomy, biophysics and engineering physics ignite passion and open doors to future inquiry and opportunities. Graduates follow a broad range of career paths as technical specialists, business analysts, engineers, project managers and teachers, among others. Many of our students are accepted to advanced degree programs in physics, engineering, medical physics, biological sciences, astronomy, computer science and management. We also offer courses designed to impart physics skills and knowledge in students in majors outside of our programs.

Our faculty distinguish themselves through inventive approaches in the classroom guided by the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Students are encouraged to engage in undergraduate research from their first year, often leading to presentations at local, national and international conferences. We are welcoming, inclusive, approachable and supportive of our students. We are also dedicated to outreach and advancing science literacy.

Please explore our website and programs. If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit, please email Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics Martin Kamela.

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