Physics professor Ben Evans works with student Alison Deatsch on her undergraduate research in McMichael.Research in the Elon University Physics Department spans a wide range of topics, many of which intertwine with other disciplines. Please email the faculty member below if you are interested in exploring research opportunities.


  • Simulations of starburst galaxies, intermediate mass black holes, and molecules around active black holes, computational astrophysics, high performance computing (Chris Richardson)
  • Photometric analysis of galaxy morphologies, emission line galaxy spectroscopy, and gamma ray bursts (Tony Crider).


  • Biomimetics, magnetic microspheres, magnetic hyperthermia and targeted drug delivery (Ben Evans)
  • Cell and tissue interactions during cancer treatment (Richard Blackmon)

Theoretical Physics

  • Quantum theory and quantum fields in curved space (Martin Kamela)
  • Non-linear dynamics (chaos), statistical physics, and emergence (Pranab Das).

Material Science

  • Magnetic materials, thin film deposition and ultrahigh vacuum (Kyle Altmann)
  • Quantifying biopolymer properties using nanoparticle sensors (Richard Blackmon)

Physics Education

Interdisciplinary Studies