Physics Department Mission Statement

The Department of Physics at Elon University strives to educate its students in a breadth of mind predicated on the ability to thoughtfully pursue solutions to a wide range of problems. Our majors are provided the opportunity and guidance to develop an essential background in physics, laboratory research experiences, and problem-solving skills that can be applied beyond the confines of any particular discipline. All of our students develop a knowledge base that extends their horizons and makes them better citizens of an increasingly technological and scientifically-oriented world. Our program fosters innovation and critical thinking through active engagement in research and participation in the professional community, while maintaining a supportive and inclusive environment founded on respect of all learners. We offer students a chance to become powerful thinkers with wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and the capacity to engage in problem solving at all levels. Our faculty is fundamentally committed to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship and strives to serve as a model of broad intellectual engagement. Our students and faculty are leaders in the intellectual life of the University and actively reach out to and communicate with communities beyond. Our graduates have the capacity to excel in a variety of professions by dint of their refined problem solving skills and capacity for intellectual engagement.

Engineering Program Mission Statement:

The Engineering Program at Elon University prepares students to enter the engineering profession as well-rounded, technically proficient engineers and world citizens. The unique nature of the program stems from its interdisciplinary emphasis and commitment to service. We value a variety of active-learning approaches in the classroom, a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative environment among students and faculty, and mentoring that promotes the development of substantively contributive citizens and ethical engineers. The intent of this program is to provide a stronger and broader foundation than is available in a traditional engineering curriculum, not only in the natural sciences and mathematics, but also in the liberal arts, with multiple learning opportunities to pursue engineering projects and scientific research. Our graduates are team-oriented, proficient analytical and creative problem solvers, and exhibit broad intellectual ability that complements their lifelong passion for learning and societal welfare.