Accounting Major

Interested in starting your own business but don’t know if you can earn a profit? Trying to select a portfolio of companies to invest in and not sure how to measure their performance? Ever wondered whether a company’s sustainability efforts and social responsibility initiatives are just claims or if they’re making a real impact? You will learn ways to find answers to these questions by majoring in accounting.

In accounting, you’ll learn how information from business activities flows through an organization and ends in a financial report. You’ll learn how to measure the outcome of business activities and communicate this information to help make decisions. You’ll also be exposed to cutting-edge analytical tools throughout your accounting courses.

Accounting Degree Requirements & Courses

3+1 Program

Interested in becoming a CPA, but don’t wish to spend a fifth year in school to acquire the course hours needed to meet the exam’s educational requirement? Our unique accelerated 3+1 program offers you the option to complete both a bachelor’s degree and the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) in just four years. Our 3+1 dual-degree program is designed with the newest CPA Exam format – CPA Evolution – in mind.

If you are interested in Elon’s MSA program, please consult Beth McCain at

Accounting Minor

Accounting Minor Requirements & Courses