Experiences and Requirements Checklist

All Business Fellows will:

  • Participate in all Fellows events
  • Complete all components of the program including the Business Fellows cohort classes
  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service in one semester to qualify for a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility
  • Respond to inquiries for program-related information from the Fellows director and program assistant
  • Take a full load (16 semester hours) of challenging classes each fall and spring semester
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8
  • Demonstrate commitment to and progress towards completion of a high-quality senior capstone project
  • Represent the Fellows program professionally and abide by the academic and social honor code
  • Hold at least one leadership position in a campus organization prior to spring semester of your senior year

Year One Business Fellows will:

  • Take the Fellows Elon 1010 class as well as the cohort classes in economics and accounting

Year Two Business Fellows will:

  • Mentor first-year Business Fellows
  • Take classes in your major(s)
  • Take the Fellows cohort classes in management, management information systems, finance and business law and ethics
  • Obtain Excel certification
  • Participate in the Winter Term Business Fellows course which includes a study abroad experience
  • Declare a major by the end of your second year
  • Attend the Sophomore Success professional development event
  • Participate in the company visits trip to New York, Boston or San Francisco
  • Secure a summer internship

Year Three Business Fellows will:

  • Expand your global awareness by studying abroad spring semester
  • Secure a summer internship

Year Four Business Fellows will:

  • Complete the requirements for your major
  • Complete the senior capstones
  • Organize and participate in the spring Business Fellows Medallion Ceremony
  • Secure post-graduation plans (employment, service, graduate school, etc.)