Validation Form | Deadline: Friday, May 4, 5 p.m., KoBC 100A (inside the Dean’s Suite)


The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business strives to create responsible business professionals who understand how business success is linked to both financial and socially responsible performance. In order to help further develop our students’ awareness of and appreciation for the social responsibilities of business professionals, the dean of the Love School of Business created the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.


This honor roll will recognize undergraduate business students who volunteer in our community during the fall and/or spring academic semesters.

  • Each full-time undergraduate student in the LSB who completes at least 20 hours of confirmed community service in a semester will earn a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all service hours with one community organization.
  • Confirmed community service is defined as volunteer service for a non-profit organization or for an organized community activity. Service may be performed through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement or may include service performed through class activities, university sponsored service trips, and student organizations.

Validation of Hours

Students need to record their service hours on the Kernodle Center Validation Form and submit the completed form to Stacy Outlaw, director of undergraduate programs, in KoBC 100A (in the Dean’s Suite). Upon receipt of your validation form, you will receive credit for your service hours on your Elon Experiences Transcript. Please make sure that you have a representative from the agency that you are working with sign your validation form.

Please note you must complete a separate validation form for each semester that you wish to qualify for the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.

Spring 2018 Deadline: Friday, May 4, 5 p.m., KoBC 100A (inside the Dean’s Suite)


For additional information, please contact Stacy Outlaw, director of undergraduate programs, at or 336.278.5975.

LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility

Fall 2017

  • Caleb Axworthy
  • Kayla Berg
  • Rohith Bhagavatula
  • Meredith Broderick
  • Yamilex Bueno
  • Christina Byrd
  • Erica Charles
  • Katherine Cohen
  • Matt D’Ambrosia
  • Marcus Ferranti
  • Jordan Forrest
  • Edward Greenwald
  • Joe Grier
  • Rebecca Herring
  • Tyler Hess
  • Gillian Hook
  • Austin Hooper
  • Jamie Inlander
  • Alyssa Keller
  • Caroline Kirkpatrick
  • Brendan Leung
  • Megan Lynch
  • Julia Madden
  • Robert Miley
  • Ariel Mittleman
  • Derek Muller
  • Tess Nekvasil
  • Rebecca Neuffer
  • Margo Pierson
  • Alexnadra Pirsos
  • Conor Scharlop
  • Brian Sputh
  • Ashleigh Straub
  • Carly Struyk
  • Benjamin Stuart
  • James Tarantiles
  • Kelly Valerio
  • Andrew Veilleux
  • Thea Vunk
  • Sofia Wensel
  • Kristen Wrigley
  • Haley Zee

Spring 2017

  • Joey Bernatchez
  • Jordan Burk
  • Alex Deberghes
  • Elena Elliott
  • Spencer Faber
  • Emily Fasth
  • Libby Grimond
  • Ariel Mittleman
  • Sarah Oberman
  • Dana Pajk
  • Charles Racioppo
  • Lauren Ray
  • Hannah Rosetti
  • Danielle Shander
  • Andrew Shelton
  • Kaleigh Studdert
  • Haley Zee

Fall 2016

  • Jackson Anton
  • Sarah Axelrad
  • Nicholas Bedard
  • Brett Cashmer
  • Alicia DeCastro
  • Julia Eckert
  • Rebecca Fliegel
  • Sydney Gillis
  • Maria Hadaya
  • Hailey Harn
  • Jane Humphrey
  • Aimee Kandell
  • Cole Krajeski
  • Todd McAndrews
  • Mark McGann
  • Ariel Mittleman
  • Gina Mogelinski
  • Dora Muratovic
  • Anne Neylon
  • Dana Pajk
  • Aliki Papadopoulos
  • Margo Pierson
  • Lauren Ramos
  • Jack Richardson
  • Hannah Rosetti
  • Danielle Shander
  • Meredith Shelby
  • Nicole Sinacori
  • Matthew Snow
  • Jenny Sokalski
  • Bryan Speake
  • Zach Strohmeyer
  • Kaleigh Studdert
  • Asher Thompson
  • Stephanie Thomson
  • Morgan Valeo
  • Anna Vitton
  • Holly Weiler
  • Kevin Wiles
  • Margaret Yamin
  • Haley Zee
  • Nicholas Zimmerman