The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business strives to create responsible business professionals who understand how business success is linked to both financial and socially responsible performance. In order to help further develop our students’ awareness of and appreciation for the social responsibilities of business professionals, the dean of the Love School of Business created the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.


This honor roll recognizes undergraduate business majors and minors who volunteer in our community during the fall and/or spring academic semesters.

  • Each full-time undergraduate student in the LSB who completes at least 20 hours of confirmed community service in a semester will earn a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all service hours with one community organization.
  • Confirmed community service is defined as volunteer service for a non-profit organization or for an organized community activity. Service may be performed through the Kernodle Center for Civic Life or may include service performed through class activities, university sponsored service trips and student organizations.

Validation of Hours

Record their service hours via Phoenix Serve. The Kernodle Center for Civic Life will credit your service hours on your Elon Experiences Transcript.


For additional information, please contact Catherine Parsons at cparsons@elon.edu or 336.278.5975

LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility

Fall 2023

Griffin Chase

Sarah Dawkins

Noah Farber

Kaley Farmer

Alex Fernandez de Castro

Chris Fields

Gisselle Garcia-Jose

Caitlyn Glass

Colin Gleason

Jack Halpern

Nathaniel Kelly

Jin Kobes

Mya Lee

Carolina Martinez-Cuin

Madison Miller

Caden Minnich

Kira Olexy

Owen Pomykacz

Emma Price

Kayla Reilly

Eric Rich

Paige Sanderson

Josie Scholtz

Samantha Shimsky

Taylor Sluss

Gerry Tejado

Gloria Tena

Daniel Toscano

Spring 2023

Mays Al Fadaam

Peter Alofsin

Devan Amin

Breanna Andrews

Trent Bailey

Dejour Banks

Liam Becker

Primo Belfiore

Abby Benoit

Michael Bernstein

Katie Berthiaume

Christina Blaskey

Ciara Bolger

Ian Brecker

Charlotte Carney

Grace Carven

Juan Daniel Chiriboga

Daniel Christopher

Ally Cisar

Logan Coffey

Sean Coughlin

Camille Crennan

Paige Crosby

Dallas Crowley

Haden Cunningham

Jack Curtis

Alyssa Daft

Luca De Marco

Mackenzie Deming

Robbie Dias

Yuzu Do

Ray Fernandez

Sophia Ferruolo

Jack Fiala

Nic Fillippa

Megan Fisher

Jill Fitzgerald

Wilnedia Florveus

Taylor Flynn

Patrick Foster

Melissa Freed

Aiden Geller

Annabel Gioffre

Gavin Glynn

Ineaa Gray

Lakota Grindstaff

Joe Groves

Santi Gutierrez Marino

Reis Halpin

Wise Halverson

Bryan Harvey

Maria Herrera Ortiz

Bailey Hoffman

Evan Howley

Harrison Hunter

Xuan Huynh

Chris Jahn

Julianne Jarek

Phil Jeffries

Celia Kotelly

Annie Lee

Steven Losiewicz

Tommy Madison

Klav Markus

Emily McCormack

Mitch McKay

Sarah McRae

Isabella Meconiates

Malcolm Migoya

Aeriel Miller

Oliver Misra

Babatunde Opaleye

Tushar Patel

Spencer Perdigon

Savannah Peterson

Blanca Quemada del Pino

Jane Ragland

Erika Rajovic

Kelli Ramer

Isaias Reyes-Martinez

Stephen Rice

Eric Rich

Katherine Rohan

Ava Rosen

John Rosinski

Matthew Rotter

Taylor Salmon

Nate Saltzman

Manny Sanchez Perez

Tommy Sciarrone

Madeline Seburn

Eliza Shane

Maddy Shapiro

Jack Silk

Rachel Sommer

Berlyn Squillaro

Liam Suarez Becker

Ben Sylvester

Gloria Tena

Carolyn Tetley

Lexi Thielemann

Jose Torres-Reyes

Nancy Trout

Nicole Waldron

Kiera Wenzel

Chloe Williams

Kylie Winterling

Emelia Woolman

Chengtian Xu