The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business strives to create responsible business professionals who understand how business success is linked to both financial and socially responsible performance. In order to help further develop our students’ awareness of and appreciation for the social responsibilities of business professionals, the dean of the Love School of Business created the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.


This honor roll recognizes undergraduate business majors and minors who volunteer in our community during the fall and/or spring academic semesters.

  • Each full-time undergraduate student in the LSB who completes at least 20 hours of confirmed community service in a semester will earn a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all service hours with one community organization.
  • Confirmed community service is defined as volunteer service for a non-profit organization or for an organized community activity. Service may be performed through the Kernodle Center for Civic Life or may include service performed through class activities, university sponsored service trips and student organizations.

Validation of Hours

Record their service hours via Phoenix Serve. The Kernodle Center for Civic Life will credit your service hours on your Elon Experiences Transcript.


For additional information, please contact Catherine Parsons at cparsons@elon.edu or 336.278.5975

LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility

Spring 2024

Samuel  Abner

Thomas Adrian

Julia Ashbrook

Aidan Babovic

Sofia Ballance

Matt Barrett

Ciara Bolger

Craig Brandstetter

Cameron Brochu

Noam Brooks

Tate Buccellato

Maddy Burgess

Emma Butsch

Jackson Campbell

Andrei Carnes

Charlotte Carney

Madilyn Chanley

Ally Cisar

Logan Coffey

Ryan Conover

John Cordero

Christopher Cotoia

Maisie Courtney

Evan Crooks

Cailin Daigle

Kathryn Davison

Max De la Rosa

Kelly Degnan

Kyle Desrochers

Sam Dixon

Emma Doherty

Doty Doty

Sam Dreyer

Isley Duggins

Caleb Eigen

Kevin Erickson

AJ Faber

Ava Farbod

Wei Fenton

Carson Florence

Emma Flynn

Kailee Follette

Mack Forman

Megan Gilligan

Anna Hamner

Isabella Harrington

Natalie Iammarino

Christian Karle

Benjamin Krasnow

Charlie Kurz

Julia Lapporte

Davis LeDoyen

Nathaniel Lerman

Gabby Lerner

Emily Lesniak

Owen Levesque

Trevor Lindberg

Ryan Logan

Carver Lutz

Dahlia Marcus

Jack Martin

Braxton Mayhew

Julia McMahon

Charlie Mill

Madison Miller

Caden Minnich

Caitlin Morris

James Nassau

Lucas Oliveira

Josie Otten

Tyler Pennetta

Caitlin Price

Tejus Pyati

Edgar Ramirez Luna

Willis Rivers

Mari’ Robinson

Aj Roseland

Ava Rupp

Abby Ruppert

Manny Sanchez Perez

Parker Schloss

Charlotte Scully

Erika Seelaus

Zach Sellers

Steven Shepps

Elizabeth Shum

Jack Silk

Allison Silvernale

David Sizemore

Katherine Sloan

Taylor Sluss

Emma Solnick

Kieran Sullivan

Zachary Taylor

Christian Thewes

Jack Trabucco

Jake Vengraitis

Bryant Ward

Ruby Willard

Kylie Winterling

Fall 2023

Griffin Chase

Sarah Dawkins

Noah Farber

Kaley Farmer

Alex Fernandez de Castro

Chris Fields

Gisselle Garcia-Jose

Caitlyn Glass

Colin Gleason

Jack Halpern

Nathaniel Kelly

Jin Kobes

Mya Lee

Carolina Martinez-Cuin

Madison Miller

Caden Minnich

Kira Olexy

Owen Pomykacz

Emma Price

Kayla Reilly

Eric Rich

Paige Sanderson

Josie Scholtz

Samantha Shimsky

Taylor Sluss

Gerry Tejado

Gloria Tena

Daniel Toscano