The International Business Dual Degree is carefully integrated to teach students general knowledge and language skills, basic business understanding and how to succeed in a foreign business environment.

Program Requirements

Elon Core Curriculum

The Elon Core Curriculum consists of six interrelated parts: First-Year Foundations, Experiential Learning Requirement, World Languages, Studies in the Arts and Sciences, Advanced Studies and Interdisciplinary Capstone.

Love School of Business Core Curriculum

The Love School of Business Core Curriculum provides a business foundation and includes studies in accounting, economics, management, marketing and finance, which build upon each other as a student moves through the core curriculum.

Language proficiency

  • Elon offers second language courses each semester through the Department of World Languages and Cultures.
  • Students will aim for advanced language proficiency as rapidly as possible. For those with no prior experience in their target second language, we will help tailor a program of study that includes summer language coursework (abroad, online or in the United States) as well as coursework on campus. In this way, students are engaged in year-round language acquisition. We work closely with our colleagues in World Languages and Cultures to ensure appropriate language proficiency prior to departure.
  • Most students will also spend part or all of the summer before junior year in the target country.
  • Elon has language acquisition software available through Belk Library.
  • We have regular assessment checkpoints for language acquisition using an internationally recognized standard, near fall and spring breaks, beginning in the second semester of the first year.

To remain in the program, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA unless otherwise noted.

International Business Immersion Certificate

Students who complete a minimum of two academic terms abroad in an integrated curriculum with a partner school will receive an International Business Immersion Certificate from the IPBS. This certificate recognizes successful completion of the academic, practical and duration abroad requirements with IPBS institutions.

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