One of Elon University’s distinctions is its leadership in the area of “high-impact” educational practices. These high-impact practices are seen as particularly beneficial for the development of undergraduate students. Each year U.S. News & World Report issues a “Focus on Student Success” ranking of key programs that enrich the college experience. Elon is a leader in the eight high-impact practices: undergraduate research/creative projects, service learning, study abroad, first-year experiences, senior capstone experiences, internships, learning communities, and writing in the disciplines.

The faculty and staff of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business are strongly committed to having students engage in high-impact practices.

Undergraduate Research

The research process involves solving ill-structured problems and employing critical thinking and communication skills. Working under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students engage in inquiry in their chosen field of study and complete an original thesis. Select students present their research in public forums such as Elon’s Spring Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) and the Eastern Economic Association annual conference. In the Class of 2023 at Elon, undergraduate research was completed by 12% of Love School of Business majors.

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Service Learning

Performing service provides students the chance to meet a social need while developing skills they would not gain through formal teaching alone. Service is performed through service-learning courses, student organizations, university programs, on-campus events and community partners. Examples of programs Love School of Business students participate in are The Village Project, ElonTHON and Relay for Life. Among Love School of Business majors in the Class of 2023 at Elon, 65% reported engaging in at least one service experience.

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Global Engagement

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to expand their global perspective and broaden their cross-cultural awareness, better preparing them for a global business environment. Love School of Business majors in the Class of 2023, at least once during their college career, reported studying abroad or participating in Study USA, with 75% doing so.

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First-year Experiences & Senior Capstone Experiences

Elon students begin their academic career with the one credit-hour seminar Elon 1010, which supports their transition into active participants in an academic community.

Love School of Business students’ conclude their academic career with a capstone depending on their major. Courses include Strategic Management, Economics Thesis Capstone or Economic Consulting Capstone.

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Students who are pursuing degrees in one of the majors in the Love School of Business, with the exception of economics, must complete an internship for academic credit as a graduation requirement and work in an approved internship experience as a co-requisite. For academic credit, an internship was completed by 98% of Love School of Business majors in the Class of 2023.

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Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities consist of groups of students residing in the same residential area, interacting academically and socially with each other and with faculty, and sharing the same passion, interest, or academic focus. The Love School of Business supports two learning communities – the Business Living Learning Community and the Innovation Living Learning Community.

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Writing in the Disciplines

Through the Writing Excellence Initiative, Elon aspires to prepare every student, undergraduate and graduate, in every major, to be an excellent writer.

Each major in the Love School of Business includes writing projects appropriate for the area of study.

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Through Love School of Business courses, students develop important leadership skills, such as oral and written communications, decision-making, persuasion, team building, innovation and motivation. Students further develop and practice their leadership skills through co-curricular activities, including case competitions, consulting projects and student organizations. While attending Elon, 46% of Love School of Business majors in the Class of 2023 reported serving in a leadership position for a student organization.

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