Performing service provides students the chance to meet a social need while developing skills they would not gain through formal teaching alone. Service is performed through courses with a service component, student organizations, university programs, on-campus events and community partners. Examples of programs Love School of Business students participate in are The Village Project, Safe Rides, ElonTHON and Relay for Life. Eighty percent of Love School of Business majors in the Class of 2021 reported completing at least one service experience while at Elon.

Service-learning Courses

Service-learning courses include service components that are relevant to course objectives. Examples of such courses taught by Love School of Business faculty include Human Resource Management Strategy and Consulting, Marketing Research, Business Communications and Economics of Poverty.

[The projects] instilled a sense of confidence in myself to have my knowledge and skills valued in a real-world, hands-on setting. The opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom is extremely valuable.

Roxanna Wood ’19, HRM Strategy and Consulting course

Honor Roll for Social Responsibility

The Love School of Business established the Honor Roll for Social Responsibility to recognize and motivate student volunteerism and community service. The program aims to create responsible business professionals who understand how business success is linked to both financial and social responsible performance.