To establish a more inclusive and supportive environment in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business (LSB), the Underrepresented Business Student Alliance Network (UBSAN) will strive to support Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) students, faculty and staff. UBSAN will actively transform the diverse and underrepresented talent in the LSB through mentorships, workshops, panels, and connections with diversity recruitment organizations.

UBSAN strives to help underrepresented students feel integrated in the LSB by:

  • Establishing a mentorship program
    This fluid mentorship will increase community relationships between BIPOC upper and underclassmen in the LSB. The mentorship will provide an opportunity for students to grow professionally and network with diverse students in the LSB by sharing their academic, professional and personal experiences.
  • Introducing minority-specific professional opportunities
    UBSAN will assist students by finding programs, internships, scholarships and conferences from a variety of companies and organizations. Such resources are cultivated by alumni, partnering organizations and LSB connections that will leverage the professional and academic experience of BIPOC students in the LSB. UBSAN LinkedIn group
  • Providing access to faculty and staff outside of the classroom
    Academic support is vital for students to succeed and that is why UBSAN will provide students time to meet with faculty and staff who champion diversity, offer guidance on various professional topics and advocates for inclusivity in the academic setting.
  • Creating specific workshops or info repositories for lower-income students
    Workshops can include a variety of topics such as post-graduate educational sessions (negotiating offers, cost of living, financial education and budgeting), internship search and diversity recruitment programs, and scholarship and financial support and resources.
  • Conducting forums to discuss the current environment in the LSB
    Forums that open the dialogue about microaggressions, BIPOC student concerns, and diversity and inclusion in the classroom. These forums, which are not just for BIPOC audiences, will bring diverse leaders and create a more inclusive environment in LSB both within the Speaker Series and in class settings.
  • Partnering with alumni organizations to create relationships with current students to bring diverse alumni back to campus
    UBSAN will work with Elon Latinx Hispanic Network (ELHAN), Elon Black Alumni Network (EBAN) and other minority networks to involve diverse alumni in panels and professional networking events for students.

UBSAN will give BIPOC students a space to learn more about the business school’s offerings, create a more inclusive environment, help students stay competitive academically and professionally as well as help current and future BIPOC students in the LSB have a more integrated and supportive experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For more information, contact Stacy Outlaw, director of undergraduate programs.