About Elon 101

Elon University is currently ranked #2 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for First-Year Experiences. Elon 101, a signature first-year experience program at Elon, is a one credit-hour first-year seminar course that integrates academic advising with other academic orientation elements such as the Elon Honor Code and creating an Elon graduation plan. Elon 101 consistently receives high marks from our first-year student population and all incoming first-year students complete Elon 101 as part of their first-semester coursework.

Course Description:

ELN 101: The First-Year Advising Seminar

Elon 101 is a first-year seminar course with a foundation in academic advising that introduces first-year students to the Elon University community. Centered on the whole student, Elon 101 assists students with developing a holistic plan focused on academic planning, experiential learning, and co-curricular engagement. The purpose of the course is to build a sense of community, foster academic and personal success, develop a meaningful relationship with an academic advisor, and create an academic plan that will guide students during their time at Elon. Ranging from 15-17 students, the course is taught by faculty and staff who serve as the students’ academic advisor and undergraduate peer educators who serve as a form of peer support to first-year students. Students will engage in meaningful activities with their academic advisor, peer educator, and fellow classmates that will encourage students to make informed decisions, exercise social responsibility and demonstrate personal integrity.

Elon 101 Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Engage in Academic Planning.
    1. Articulate Elon Core Curriculum to include first-year foundations, studies in the arts and sciences, and the value of a liberal arts education and the major.
    2. Communicate with their academic advisor about registration, academic requirements, and academic and social issues/concerns.
    3. Utilize academic advising tools to include the course registration system, degree audit, academic catalog, and departmental websites to assist with academic planning.
    4. Create a holistic plan of study, co-curricular and curricular, that reflects an academic interest/major, experiential learning, and personal/professional goals.
  2. Foster Academic and Personal Success.
    1. Develop strategies and plans that promote and support wellness and well-being and demonstrate how these concepts impact their academic and personal success.
    2. Articulate the purpose of the Elon Honor Code and its significance to maintaining a responsible and an inclusive academic community.
  3. Connect with the Elon University Community.
    1. Identify campus resources and opportunities to support academic and social involvement.
    2. Understand the value of meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and peers within the Elon community.
    3. Explore a range of differences related to diversity, inclusion, and global engagement to create and support an inclusive community.

For more information about the Elon 101 program or interest in teaching Elon 101, visit the Elon 101 New Advisor/Instructor website or contact Brandy Propst, Director of Elon 101, at bpropst@elon.edu or (336)278-6500.

Elon 101 Peer Educator Information:

For more information about the Elon 101 Peer Educator (PE) program or interest in serving as an Elon 101 PE visit the Elon 101 PE website or contact Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway, Coordinator of KLC Peer Mentoring Initiatives, at jrouse3@elon.edu or (336)278-6500.