What alumni say about the program:


“Being a Business Fellow offered an automatic community from the second I walked on campus and certainly didn’t end once I graduated. The cohort is a group of driven and hardworking individuals that never put each other down in the process of success, and have become the people I call my best friends. The Business Fellows advisors and professors pushed me to become a better leader than I ever thought I could be by encouraging me to apply for positions and exposing me to many opportunities of professional development. The unparalleled experiences instilled more confidence in me that I am prepared and ready to succeed in my career because of the network and skills that the Business Fellows equipped me with.”  -Meredith MacKenzie ‘22


“To me, Business Fellows created a sense of community the second I walked on campus my first year. I knew I was where I was supposed to be as a Fellow. The Business Fellows cohort pushed me to become a better student and leader. I was exposed to numerous opportunities on campus, throughout the country, and around the world because of the experiences that Business Fellows provided me. Business Fellows gave me the tools and confidence to be successful throughout my college career in classes, during my internships, and now in my career after graduation. I feel prepared and ready to succeed in my career because of the knowledge and leadership skills that Business Fellows equipped me with throughout my four years at Elon.”  -Lauren Ramos ’20


“The Business Fellows program provides not only incredible opportunities, but a group of motivated and talented peers (who quickly become friends). It’s a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds – experiences that you can grow and learn from, and people who will help you get there. I’m very thankful for the program, and can confidently say that it was an impactful part of my entire cohort’s Elon experience.”  -Brett Scott ’20


“The Business Fellows program has been integral to my college experience. The program facilitated our learning by giving us the best professors that Elon has to offer, and this allowed me to grow in many different ways. The program promotes an environment of professionalism, and the other members of the cohort also helped to challenge and inspire me. The Business Fellows have been extremely important to me during my 4 years at college, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this excellent program.”  -Michael Bernetti ’18


“We started out as 26 strangers, but quickly became friends, classmates and mentors. In just four years, we learned to overcome the trials and tribulations of rigorous cohort classes, developed our time-management skills as we gained leadership positions across campus, and developed professional skills as we navigated through the job search process. I owe a great deal of my success at Elon to the Business Fellows, and the continuous support that they have given me.  -Kristen Lober ’18


“The Business Fellows program is a defining characteristic of my time at Elon. The program sets students up for success from the on set, but not without challenges. The toughest teachers are often the best teachers, and I learned this through my fellows classes. Experiences in and out of the classroom expanded my interests and made me more willing to take on new challenges. The program surrounds you with smart, ambitious students, and consistently presents new opportunities. I can’t imagine Elon without the Business Fellows.  -John Cove ’17


“The Business Fellows program exposed me to unique opportunities that enriched my academic and professional development at Elon. The cohort structure fostered a strong team dynamic as we grew into leaders and attractive candidates for employers. Being challenged by both my peers and professors prepared me for the professional world, and I was confident in my abilities on my very first day of work in New York City.”  -Hailey Harn ’17


“The Business Fellows program played a profound role in my development as an undergraduate. Accelerated coursework, experiential learning and personalized career guidance laid a solid foundation for my professional career. Also embedded were travel experiences, networking and friendships that not only enhanced my college experience but will continue to support me going forward.”  -Eric Burgess ’17


“The Fellows program surrounds you with some of the brightest students at Elon. The environment fosters ambition and community. I loved the cohort structure so much that I chose a cohort program within JP Morgan Chase for the start of my career. I don’t know if I would be in the same job or career path that I am now if it weren’t for the support and experience within the fellows program and how hard the classes and my cohort pushed me.”  -Morgan Smith ’16


“Being a part of the Business Fellows program has provided me with the opportunity to expand my network, gain experience in leadership positions, and travel the country and around the world. These experiences will not only help me succeed in my career after graduation, but have also taught me so much as an individual.”  -Kimberly Gersh ’15


“The Business Fellows program has shaped me into a passionate leader and a confident and knowledgeable young professional. The friendships and connections I have made through the program with both my peers and faculty have helped me form an invaluable network that not only supported me here at Elon, but into my future in the corporate world.”  -Melissa Kenealy ’15


“As a result of the Business Fellows program, I was exposed to ideas, people, industries and cultures I might not have otherwise considered. It was through this period of growth that I discovered my interest in entrepreneurship.”  -Austin Rhoads ’14


“I have most enjoyed getting the opportunity to experience so many unique opportunities. From being in the Business Fellows program, I have been able to travel to Mexico during Winter Term my first year and to New York for a networking trip my junior year. I was also able to advise a company during my senior capstone.”  -D. Patrick Brown ’14