Why Students Volunteer…


The HOPE Clinic offers a unique opportunity to pursue altruistic care in the community while reinforcing the clinical skills learned throughout our DPT program. During my time as a student clinician in the HOPE Clinic, I have come to understand the importance of cultural competency and my role as a future clinician working with patients from backgrounds different from my own. Specifically, I have had the opportunity to work with paid interpreters that have helped me to understand skills for communication with non-English speaking patients as to maintain a high level of care, communication, and respect. The HOPE Clinic has helped to shape me as a person and future clinician.

-Caroline Guill, class of 2024


Being a part of the HOPE Clinic & volunteering as a student clinician has greatly supplemented my coursework & has been an invaluable part of my experience at Elon. Being able to help underserved populations has been a major reminder of my “why” for practicing PT. I highly recommend the HOPE Clinic to any student, as it provides an opportunity to practice hands-on skills, develop leadership skills, & strengthen interpersonal skills with peers, clinicians, & patients.

-Hannah Wright, class of 2025


Being a part of, and volunteering, with the H.O.P.E. Clinic has been by far the most pivotal and rewarding decision I have made in the PT program. It has allowed me to experience first-hand the impact of what the profession of physical therapy can do for individuals. Additionally, it has opened doors for community outreach and networking which had inevitably helped me as an aspiring physical therapist. Through my time with the H.O.P.E. Clinic, I have been able to attend an annual conference and present all the growth and influence the clinic has had in the local community. Needless to say, the H.O.P.E. Clinic will be one of the best memories and achievements I have had while in PT school.

-Fiorella Barreda, class of 2024


HOPE Clinic gave me the opportunity to not only be a leader but also a clinician in a “stress-free” environment. You go through PT school with clinical experience that is consistently being graded and watched. When in the HOPE Clinic, you get the chance to really learn and help the community at the same time.

-Brianna, class of 2019


HOPE Clinic was an incredible opportunity to take newly acquired knowledge and skills and apply it to clinical practice early on as a growing professional under the guidance of experienced clinicians. It was these experiences that laid the foundation for the clinician I am today: compassionate, positive, and accountable. But above all else it’s where I learned to be a better advocate. An advocate for my profession, for my patients, and for my community.

-Connor, class of 2020


Being apart of, and volunteering with, the HOPE clinic was by far the most valuable experience I had at Elon. Stepping into the HOPE Clinic on a Tuesday night reminds you of why you’re in PT school. Not only does it allow you to get hands on practice with real life patients, but it also allows you to help people that otherwise wouldn’t have access to treatment. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity and being involved with HOPE.

-Sarah, class of 2020


The HOPE Clinic was the most rewarding activity I participated in at Elon.  I made friends and gained great experience in leadership, communication and patient care. Being able to discuss real life clinical topics with students across all three classes was very beneficial. The clinic set up also gave me a fantastic opportunity to immediately put to work the clinical knowledge I gained in the classroom. Finally, and most importantly, The HOPE Clinic offered an opportunity for us to give back and provide care to the local community.

-Shannon, class of 2016


H.O.P.E. clinic afforded me the unique opportunity to grow in many ways while fulfilling many roles. Some of those include refining my skillset as a student physical therapist in a safe/encouraging environment, building rapport with patients, strengthening communication and managerial skills, and improving as a leader within the community and school setting. This clinic served not only to shape and grow students becoming clinicians, but to bridge a gap in the community by providing care to those underinsured and underserved. This opportunity gives each student experience with pro-bono work, which hopefully inspires each one to pursue bettering and serving their community around them as they continue through life.

-Nicole, class of 2020


The HOPE clinic is an invaluable resource for the DPT students, alumni, professors, and most importantly the surrounding community. As a founding committee member of the HOPE clinic I am incredibly proud of the DPT program’s continued commitment to the community and to providing vital evidence-based hands on experience for students. My only regrets are that I wasn’t able to participate more as a student and I don’t live close enough to volunteer currently.
-Jeff Scott, PT, DPT, GCS, class of 2014


Being a part of the HOPE Clinic was one of the top highlights of my experience in Elon’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. As the Clinic Administrator and a student clinician, I had a unique opportunity to sharpen my skills as a leader while also helping develop a place where the underserved could receive much needed physical therapy and students like myself could gain valuable hands-on experience to be better prepared as clinicians themselves. I can confidently say that my experience in the HOPE Clinic was just as important as my time in the classroom and helped make me into the physical therapist I am today.

-Nathan Thompson-class of 2018