Program Policies

Selected policies from the Elon University DPAS Student Handbook are presented below. For more detailed information please see Elon DPAS Student Handbook Class of 2021.

Billing and Payment Process

For the 2019 term, students will receive a bill from the Bursar’s Office in early December that will be due in January 2019. A second bill will be sent in May that will be due in June.

Information on tuition refund policies can be found on the Bursar’s Office website.

Student Employment

Because of the rigor of the academic and clinical education phases of the PA Program, outside employment is strongly discouraged. In the event that a student decides to maintain employment during his/her program of study, work schedule conflicts will not be acceptable excuses for missing academic activities, and clinical rotation assignments will not be scheduled to accommodate a student’s employment.

Students may not be employed by the PA Program. While a student may be invited by a faculty member to share his/her expertise in a specific area with the class, a student may not substitute for or function as instructional faculty.

During supervised clinical experiences, students may not substitute for clinical or administrative staff.

Transfer and credit for experiential learning (Advanced Placement)

All PA students must complete the entire PA curriculum. No advanced placement or advanced standing is granted, nor is transfer credit or credit for experiential learning accepted in lieu of PA courses.

Academic Policies

Please see Elon DPAS Student Handbook Class of 2021 for detailed information related to:

  • Curriculum completion deadlines. (page 31)
  • Requirements for progression in and completion of the program. (pages 25-31)
  • Policies and procedures for processing student grievances. (pages 23-30)
  • Policies and procedures for remediation, deceleration, withdrawal and dismissal. (pages 29-34)
  • Policies and procedures for processing student allegations of harassment (page 11)