Physician assistants work in one of the most in-demand professions in the nation. Employment of PAs is expected to grow by 30 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for other occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

In its 2020 ranking of best health care jobs, U.S. News & World Report ranked physician assistant (PA) second, and third in best jobs overall, identifying great pay, satisfying work, and big growth opportunities as hallmarks of the occupation.

Besides working in traditional office-based settings, PAs should find a growing number of jobs in institutional settings such as hospitals, academic medical centers, public clinics and prisons. The median annual salary of physician assistants is $95,820.

Elon’s primary care-focused program will produce gradutes who are in demand throughout the region and in North Carolina in particular, especially in areas of the state that are medically underserved.

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*Elon University is an institutional member of the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA).