About Take a Student to Lunch

Take a Student to Lunch, supported by the Offices of the Provost and Vice President for Student Life, continues to be an outstanding opportunity for outside-the-classroom Student:Educator connections. The program is designed for Faculty or Staff members to invite students for a meal, coffee, or snack and use the time to get to know each other better and/or to discuss projects, events, or activities.  Feedback about the program has been very positive and the program has been shown to have strengthened or initiated new collaborations between Elon’s Educators and students.

Each faculty/staff member may use the program with up to five students (either individually or in small groups) each Spring and Fall semester, and with up to two students each Winter term.

Participating Locations for Take a Student to Lunch Program

  • Acorn Coffee Shop
  • Steepd Tea
  • Clohan Dining Hall
  • Irazu Coffee Shop
  • Lakeside Dining Hall
  • McEwen Dining Hall

SIDE Swipes Program

In addition to the Take a Student to Lunch Program, students are able to invite a faculty or staff member to lunch through the SIDE (Student Initiated Dining Engagement) Swipes program. Students can use the SIDE Swipes program up to two (2) times each fall and spring semester and once during each Winter Term. Participation in the SIDE Swipe program and Take a Student to Lunch program are counted separately for both faculty and staff.

Participating Locations for SIDE Swipes Program

  • Clohan Hall
  • Lakeside Dining Hall
  • McEwen Dining Hall

Questions? Please e-mail Eleanor Finger, Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Campus Life