Our Mission

The Division of Student Life provides premier, student-centered services, programs, and experiences that assist students to:

  • integrate their in-and-out-of-class learning,
  • develop holistically, and
  • be engaged and honorable members of their communities.
Guiding Pillars

The Division of Student Life is highly distinctive in its delivery of services, programs, and experiences for students. The Division is committed to student engagement. Students are actively involved in student life programs and experiences – often being the ones to initiate, plan, and implement them – and are given significant ownership of the programs and experiences. The Division has a longstanding and valued partnership with Academic Affairs. Working together, we design programs and services that purposefully integrate curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular experiences and overlap social and intellectual activities in an intentional manner. Finally, Student Life staff members are committed to fostering a positive campus climate and community and providing essential support for students, faculty, and staff to learn, develop, and thrive.

These three guiding pillars – engaging students, partnering with academic affairs, and fostering a positive campus climate and community – provide the framework for the Division of Student Life to achieve its mission.

Enduring Values

As we serve our students and each other in important and meaningful ways, we are also guided by core professional values that inform our work and help us to be deeply caring, committed, and innovative educators:

  • Leadership that is visionary, transformative, and learning-focused
  • Decision-making that is purposeful, strategic, and data-driven
  • Relationships that are genuine, inclusive, and just