You get to choose where your money goes!

Really, you can pick any area of campus you want to support! There are over 600 different funds to choose from, including the Senior Class Cause which this year is Student Scholarships. So think about the area of campus you care most about, and choose to put your money there.

Here is a list of the funds most commonly supported by seniors, just to give you some inspiration:

  • Elon’s Greatest Needs
  • Love School of Business
  • Elon Student Scholarships
  • School of Communications
  • Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education
  • Colleges of Arts and Sciences
  • Elon Experiences
  • Study Abroad
  • Psychology Department
  • Odyssey Program
  • Public Health Department
  • Biology Department

There are also a number of affinity based funds you can give to as well:

  • Elon Black Alumni Network
  • Elon Latinx Hispanic Alumni Network
  • LGBTQIA Alumni Network
  • Religious Life

For a look at a comprehensive list of funds you can support, please click here!