What is the Senior Class Giving Campaign?

The Senior Class Giving Campaign is designed to prepare students to be active and engaged alumni. Participating in the Senior Class Giving Campaign is a way for you and your classmates to leave a permanent reminder of your time here on campus for future generations of Elon students.

Why should I give?

Your gift enables the university to make a difference in the lives of future students as well as current students here at Elon. Alumni (and student) participation is a key factor in Elon’s rankings. By giving, you are showing your belief in Elon, and saying thanks for all that Elon has done for you.

Where does my gift go?

Your gift can go anywhere you would like. You have the ability to choose from hundreds of designations around campus: student scholarships, athletics, specific majors or even your student organization. Simply choose what is most important to you at Elon and make your gift!

Why does my gift matter?

Strong senior and alumni participation in annual giving is a valuable measure of Elon pride and satisfaction. It is also a factor in college rankings and the amount of financial support the university receives from foundations.

What is our goal?

Our goal for the Senior Class Giving Campaign is not necessarily to raise a specific dollar amount, but rather to encourage as many seniors to participate as possible. The goal for the class of 2018 is 60% senior participation.

How much should I give?

The Senior Class Giving Committee encourages you to make a gift that is meaningful to you. Whether that is $5 or $500, every gift counts! We recommend a gift of $20.18 to honor your senior class. A gift of $500 earns membership in the Elon Society.

What are the giving records?

The Class of 2016 had a goal of 55% and ended the year with 59% class participation! See more records on the History page.

Isn’t my tuition enough?

Your tuition only covers 80% of the cost of your education. The other 20% of your Elon experience is funded by the generous support and financial gifts from Elon alumni, students, parents, grandparents, corporations/foundations, faculty/staff and friends. Private support is instrumental in your experience here at Elon. Without it, you are taking away the many opportunities that could make or break your time at Elon. Just as college tuition is an investment in yourself, making a gift is an investment in Elon.

How do I become involved in the Senior Class Giving Campaign?

If you would like to be more involved with the Senior Class Giving Campaign please email Adrian Carpenter

What about after we graduate?

Don’t let graduation be the end of your dedication to Elon. The Senior Class Giving Campaign is just your first step into the alumni community. As proud Elon graduates, you can help maintain strong connections to your alma mater by attending Elon events regularly and staying in touch with your classmates. Check out more initiatives offered to recent graduates including Reunion ZeroYoung Alumni Programming, and Alumni Regional Programs.

What is Reunion Zero?

Reunion Zero was created as a new initiative to the class reunion program at Elon. It offers a unique opportunity to officially welcome the graduating class into the alumni family and serves as a transition to Elon’s newest alumni through peer-to-peer outreach and Homecoming events. For more information regarding Elon’s young alumni programming and continuing the tradition of giving beyond graduation, please contact Brad Polen, Coordinator of Annual Giving at bpolen@elon.edu.