The Procurement Card (P-Card) Program provides departments with a convenient means to purchase low dollar items (less than $1,000), and reduce the costs associated with initiating and paying for these purchases. The P-Card is a VISA card administered by Bank of America, and is issued in the name of the employee for the purpose of making authorized purchases on behalf of the University. Each department is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of their P-Card purchases.

Employees who participate in the program become purchasing agents for the University, and are bound by the same policies that guide all purchases. These include our commitment to ethical procurement practices, non-discrimination policies, sustainability through the Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Be sure to read the Procurement Card Policy and Procedures for additional information, including which billing address to use. Any lingering questions can be addressed to the Director of Purchasing Jeff Hendricks at (336) 278-5587.


Allocating and Signing-Off Purchases

Use the following link to review purchases, confirm budget code allocations, and sign-off on transactions using Bank of America’s Works system. All P-Card purchases must be signed-off by 11:59pm on the last day of each month.

Contact the Bursar’s Office to reimburse the University for any personal purchases accidentally completed using your P-Card.

Log in to Bank of America’s Works site to sign-off on transactions.

Help with Common P-Card Tasks


Statements & Receipts

A paper statement will be delivered to you for any month in which you have made purchases with your card. This statement must be signed by you and your budget manager, and then returned with all relevant receipts to Accounting (ATTN: Dorothy Kuntz, CB 2900.)

You can complete a Missing Receipt Affidavit when a receipt is lost or otherwise unavailable.


Requesting a P-Card

To obtain a new procurement card, print the P-Card Request Form, complete all requested information, and submit the form to the Purchasing Department.  All cardholders must attend a procurement card training session prior to receiving their card.

Complete the P-Card Request Form.

The University’s Procurement Card Policy and Procedures must be reviewed and the Cardholder Agreement signed prior to using the Procurement Card.