All faculty, staff, and students may operate a motor vehicle on the campus provided that it is properly registered and legally parked. Permits are not available for University parents, visitors, or other guests; all visitors should park in designated visitor parking spaces.

Faculty and Staff Permits

All faculty and staff are eligible to receive a free parking permit (FS) to park throughout campus. Register your vehicle by visiting the Campus Safety and Police office located in the Oaks – McCoy Commons. You’ll need to provide the following information: vehicle make/model/year, color, and plate number. To avoid citations or towing, hang your parking permit tag from your vehicle’s rear view mirror.

Student Permits

Students must register all motor vehicles with Campus Safety and Police prior to the first day of classes. The registration process is completely online and includes viewing a required PowerPoint training presentation. A few registration points to note:

  • To register, you’ll need your vehicle’s make/model/year, color, and plate number, and a credit card for payment. For a list of parking permits and related fees, refer to the Designated Parking & Fees page.
  • When you register for a permit, you can choose to have the permit mailed to your campus box, or you may pick it up from the Campus Safety and Police office in the Oaks.



Bicycle Registration Information

If you have a bicycle or motorized bicycle, it can only be parked in areas designated for bicycles (bicycle racks). All bicycles must be registered (no fee required) with Campus Safety and Police. Bicycles not registered or found in an area not designated for bicycles, including, but not limited to stairwells, railings, brick colonnades, and gazebos, will be confiscated. All bicycles left after Commencement in May will become the property of the University.

Online Bicycle Registration Form