Divisional Priorities for 2022-2023

  • Develop a series of professional development workshops related to equity-centered practices, including training for faculty and staff on ways to write about diversity, equity, and inclusion in their annual evaluations.
  • Study and develop an Advancing Equity Hiring Initiative including a retention plan for the faculty and staff hired through the Initiative.
  • Begin implementation of the recommendations from the Asian and Pacific Islander Task Force and Multifaith Strategic Plan.
  • Promote the communications plan and development guide and apply it to units seeking to advance their inclusive excellence work.
  • Implement new communications channels for various stakeholders about the Division of Inclusive Excellence and university work supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. (Smith)
  • Establish an interdivisional network of communicators and processes to enhance communications related to inclusive excellence.
  • Conduct an audit of all current diversity, equity, and inclusion content in print and online and adjust efforts with the university’s goals and mission.
  • Develop the organizational and operational structure of the Office of Inclusive Excellence Education and Development in alignment with the Division’s functional structure.
  • Pilot the Diversity Fellows program at Elon Law.

Civic Engagement

  • Host one candidate forum in the community to provide needed information about the upcoming midterm election.
  • Continue to support voter turnout efforts on campus leading up to the Fall 2022 Midterm election.
  • Develop a procedure for planning community candidate forums in the future.

Project Pericles

  • Advance inclusivity and representation of identities across multiple dimensions, both within the program and among the Scholars. Collaborate with Odyssey Scholars, CREDE, and other campus programs to increase the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students.
  • Emphasize the nurturing of long-term community partnerships that last longer than three years and span Classes. Develop a specific policy regarding the continuance of these partnerships.
  • Develop a plan to fully incorporate community partners as co-educators. Partners must also be more centrally involved in programmatic assessment.
  • Revise the Periclean Pledge to include an evaluation of one’s own culture and biases and incorporate the development of cultural humility through self-awareness and reflection. Expand the Periclean Pledge to include an understanding of the interconnected nature of individual, interpersonal, community, institutional, and policy levels that influence inclusive, mutually beneficial, and sustainable global partnerships.
  • Begin annual assessment of community impact for all Periclean Scholars projects.

Black Lumen Project

  • Increase transparency and collaboration among Black Affinity groups.
  • Increase mentoring/professional development opportunities.
  • Support and increase readiness for transition to labor force/career development for Black-identified students.
  • Work with the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education and the Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship to explore Wyatt Outlaw Institute – community facing.
  • Develop plan/connection with advancement for commemorating Comer-Morgan


  • Conduct periodic departmental climate surveys and focus groups to identify opportunities for improvement, growth, and leadership in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Review and update departmental policies and procedures, student-athlete-related university policies, and team policies to support inclusion.
  • Develop educational programming options for student-athletes, coaches, and staff.
  • Utilize the athletics diversity, equity, and inclusion website to communicate departmental values and celebrate the DEI efforts of student-athletes, coaches, and staff.
  • Foster student-athlete and staff passion and assist in channeling ideas into effective action. Identify opportunities to unify individual, team, and departmental diversity and inclusion advocacy.

History and Memory

  • Develop a sustainable structure for history and memory work that includes appropriate development, reporting structures, and compensation.
  • Increase awareness of information collected in the 2020 Committee Report.
  • Develop a more equitable commemorative landscape for Elon’s campuses.
  • Increase student, faculty, and staff engagement with history and memory work connected to Elon’s campuses and our communities.