Smith-Nonini has chapter published on Mexican “guestworkers”

Dr. Sandy Smith-Nonini, assistant professor of sociology & anthropology, has had one of her book chapters, titled “Federally Sponsored Mexican Migrants in the Transnational South,” included in a new book collection published by the University of North Carolina Press. The book, titled “The American South in a Global World,” is edited by James Peacock, Harry Watson & Carrie Matthews. The book is a product of a series of seminars on changes in the increasingly “transnational” South held at UNC’s Center for International Studies. Dr. Smith-Nonini participated in the seminars while doing post-doctoral research on Mexican migrants in farmwork. North Carolina has more H2A “guestworkers” than any other state, and this chapter focuses on the role of the federal government in sanctioning, but only poorly overseeing, a brokerage system that continues to be associated with many abuses of labor rights.