Pan-Hellenic Council Garden is dedicated during ceremony

A dedication ceremony was held Saturday, Sept. 17 at the new National Pan-Hellenic Council Garden, located adjacent to the Ellington Health Center on campus. The garden has a stone monument for each of Elon's historically black fraternities and sororities. Details...

A committee of students, faculty and staff developed plans for the garden. The Elon garden is modeled after those at many other colleges and universities, which provide a symbolic home for historically black Greek organizations. Through the years, many NPHC organizations have developed these gardens, or plots, on college campuses and treated them almost as sacred grounds. The concept for these plots dates back to the days of slavery and reconstruction, and the allocation of 40-acre plots of confiscated Confederate land to recently-freed slaves.

Representatives of each fraternity and sorority were on hand dedicate the monuments and present a brief organizational history. Pan-Hellenic Council members provided a historical overview of the council and NPHC plots.