Buechler, Noer publish article

The Journal of Ethics and Critical Thinking will publish an article by two faculty members in the Love School of Business.

David Noer, Frank S. Holt Professor of Business Leadership, and Scott Buechler, associate dean and director of the MBA program, wrote “Multiple Perspectives in Teaching Business Ethics: One University’s Journey through the Ideological Mine Field.” They also presented the article at a recent gathering of Love School of Business faculty members.

The abstract of the article appears below:

Business schools seeking to develop owned and committed approaches to teaching business ethics need to deal with diverse stakeholder perspectives in regard to content, methodology, and learning outcomes. This study reports on a survey of faculty members, students, and members of a business school’s advisory board. It outlines three polarities (centralization/decentralization, compliance/insight, convergence/divergence) and discusses stakeholder differences across these dimensions. Methodologies utilizing survey-feedback and multi-stakeholder dialogue are advocated to develop mutual understanding, commitment, and informed planning. Other business schools are encouraged to conduct similar multi-stakeholder research so as to facilitate institutional stakeholder understanding and build on the results of this study.