Straka attends leadership practicum

Robin Straka, assistant registrar, recently attended “Turning Strategy into Action: Lee and Meade at Gettysburg,” a one-day leadership practicum.

Leaders Michael A. Ellicott, vice chancellor for facilities planning and construction at Texas Tech University System and Col., U.S. Army – Retired, and Robert H. Larson, professor of history at Lycoming College, designed the practicum on the military staff ride model.

Using the Gettysburg battlefield as a classroom, participants hiked the terrain of selected unit engagements, examining organization structure, conditions, resources, information flow and resultant decisions. They explored the different qualities required of strategic, operational and tactical leaders. Specific leadership questions, framed within the context of each day’s events of the Gettysburg battle, included: “What do you do when faced with a chaotic, ambiguous situation? What do you do when all your options are bad? What do you do when you know the boss is wrong?”