Students to present research at NCUR, April 12-14

Thirty-four Elon students and five faculty sponsors will depart April 11 for Dominican University near San Francisco to take part in the 21st National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).  This is the largest undergraduate research venue, typically hosting around 300 schools and 2,000 presentations annually.  In January, Elon was informed that 39 of the 46 abstracts submitted had been accepted for presentation at NCUR, placing Elon as #6 in the nation among 309 institutions from whom students had been invited to participate.  For various personal and professional reasons, five students have withdrawn their presentations, leaving the 34 students currently scheduled to travel this week.

Student presentations will take place April 12-14. The group will return to Elon on Sunday.

The list of students and faculty traveling is given below.  The discipline in which each student is presenting is indicated, and the faculty mentor or sponsor is listed in parentheses. 

Scott Adams, COM (Dr. Connie Book)   
William Allen, CHM (Dr. Joel Karty)   
Melissa Apperson, COM (Dr. Brooke Barnett)   
Collin Bright, CHM (Dr. Joel Karty)   
Caitlin Brilhart, PSY (Dr. Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler)   
Michael Bumbry, WGS (Dr. Lamar Bland)   
Megan Burkhalter, HST (Dr. David Crowe)   
Michelle Casey, INT (Dr. David Crowe)   
Kyle Cooper, HHP (Dr. Paul Miller)   
Caroline Corbyons, BIO (Dr. David Vandermast)   
Erin Culp, REL (Dr. Lynn Huber)   
Ashley Davis, HUS (Dr. Cindy Fair)   
Kiersten Dittrich, HST (Dr. David Crowe)
Alana Dunn, INT (Dr. Laura Roselle)   
Jenna Elkington, FOR/SPN (Dr. Mayte de Lama)   
Adrienne Helmick, PSY (Dr. Maurice Levesque)
John Kalas, REL (Dr. Lynn Huber)
Erika Lamanna, ECO/HHP (Dr. Tom Tiemann)
Alex Linville, HST (Dr. Michael Carignan)
Geoffrey Lynn, CHM (Dr. Joel Karty)
Justin Mann, PSY (Dr. Maurice Levesque)
Samuel McGuire, HST (Dr. Charles Iron)
Charlie Mueller, CHM (Dr. Eugene Grimley)
Alicia Muzzi, INT (Dr. Christine Nemcik)
Damon Ogburn, BIO (Dr. Linda Niedziela)
Amie Ritchie, INT (Dr. Laura Roselle)
Jennifer Romano, ENG (Dr. Janet Myers)
Bianca Sassine, PSY (Dr. Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler)
Amy Sulser, HHP (Dr. Paul Miller)
Austin Toman, CHM (Dr. Joel Karty)
Christopher Weitzen, CSC (Dr. Joel Hollingsworth)
Lindsay Westerfield, INT (Dr. Kim Jones)
Penelope Wilkinson, POL (Dr. Betty Morgan)
Jessi Young, PSY (Dr. Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler)

Presentations withdrawn after acceptance to NCUR:
Taylor Gillman, COM (Dr. Jessica Gisclair)   
Leanne Jernigan, COM (Dr. Connie Book)
Cara Leidy, FOR/SPN (Dr. Mayte de Lama)
Ashley Runkle, ENG (Dr. Helen Mackay)
Jessi Young, FOR/SPN (Dr. Mayte de Lama)

Faculty traveling with the group:
Dr. Jim Barbour (ECO)
Dr. Cindy Fair (HUS)
Dr. Joel Karty (CHM)
Dr. Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler (PSY)
Dr. Karl Sienerth (CHM and Director, UR Program)