Elon golf teams earn high marks in annual Golf Digest College Guide

The 2007-08 edition of the Golf Digest College Guide ranks Elon as one of the top golf schools in the nation. Details...

The College Golf Guide is designed to help high school students find the right golf program. Three separate rankings make up the guide, and the Phoenix men’s and women’s programs fall well within the top 100 in each category.

The first category, ‘Balanced’ ranks schools based on the equality of emphasis on academics and athletics. The Elon men’s program landed at No. 62 out of 800 programs, while the women were No. 42 of 500.

In the ‘Golf First’ listing, where schools are rated based on their emphasis on golf and launching professional careers in golf, the Phoenix men were No. 91 of 300 schools.  The women’s program was No. 60 of 225 evaluated institutions.

Finally, the ‘Academics First’ ranking lists schools based on their focus on education while maintaining a competitive golf program.  In this category, the men’s program received a No. 66 rating of 146 schools, while the Phoenix women landed at No. 44 of 100.