Alcohol use at Elon topic of Numen Lumen discussion Oct. 5

Alcohol use on campus will be discussed Oct. 5 in the Moseley Center as the Presidential Task Force on Alcohol Use reports some of its findings to date in a Numen Lumen discussion. The Friday talk is scheduled from 1:40-2:40 p.m. in Room 215.

The task force has heard from many people on campus about how alcohol affects students’ academic work, both as individuals and as part of our community. This session will include reports from both an interdisciplinary faculty group reviewing the spring 2007 results of our students’ CORE data, a nationally normed assessment of student drinking behaviors, and research from Dr. Gabie Smith into our students’ motivations for drinking. Session leaders will reserve time for discussion on ways we as faculty can further reduce the role of alcohol consumption in campus life as we ask what are our expectations for our students, and how can we use those expectations to help them to make wise choices about alcohol.

You may have lunch in Harden Dining Hall (east section will be reserved) or pick up your lunch in Moseley’s Octagon Café and take it upstairs to eat and commune with colleagues in rm. 215 before the formal discussion begins at 1:40 p.m. You also may want to join the Study Abroad Discussion Group for the session “Study Abroad and/is Tourism,” led by Kim Jones (Anthropology) and Ken Hassell (Art), on Friday, 12:15-1:15 in Moseley 105A (Ward Octagon). That discussion will end well before Numen Lumen begins.

Presidential Task Force on Alcohol Use
·        Jeff Clark, Professor of Mathematics (co-chair)
·        Smith Jackson, Vice President and Dean of Student Life (co-chair)
·        Brooke Barnett, Associate Professor of Communications
·        Jim Bissett, Professor of History
·        Jennifer Chickey, Student
·        Dianne Ford, Coordinator of Serials and Government Documents
·        Charity Johansson, Faculty Administrative Fellow, Assistant to the President
·        Lauren Martin, Coordinator for Substance Education
·        Richard McBride, University Chaplain
·        Samuel McGuire, Student
·        Nancy Midgette, Associate Provost
·        Linda Niedziela, Associate Professor of Biology
·        Leigh-Anne Royster, Coordinator for Personal Health Programs and Community Well-Being
·        Niki Turley, Director of Residence Life
·        Resa Walch, Senior Lecturer in Health and Human Performance
·        Jessica Young, Student     
Upcoming Numen Lumen sessions:
Nov. 2, 1:40-2:40 p.m., Moseley 215: Undergraduate Research Program
Dec. 7, 1:40-2:40 p.m., Moseley 215: Academic Council’s Faculty Governance Study Group