Dance Salon on Friday, Oct. 19

The Performing Arts Department is presenting our second new dance event this fall this coming Friday evening in Dance Studio A in the Center for the Arts  We call this event the Dance Salon, using “salon” in the sense of a gathering or meeting, much like the French salon or soirée where people gathered informally to see and discuss some type of artistic showing or event. This fall we will have two separate shows, one at 6:00 and one at 8:00, each with a different program. These are mostly all short works in progress from Lauren Kearns’ choreography class. The choreographers are just beginning and would like to have some feedback on their dances. 


Dance scholar Dr. Larry Lavender from UNCG Dance Department will moderate the 6:00 program and Elon professor Linda Sabo will lead the 8:00 program discussion.  Please take a look at the list of choreographers.  You may know or have taken class with some of these young artists.  They are eager for your feedback. 


Here they are!


6:00 Program:  Annie McGhee, Autumn Welt, Marissa Heitshusen, Rachel Teem, Michelle Micca, Allie Lochary, Elizabeth Easterly, Kristen Owens, Karena Thacker.

8:00 Program:  Rachel Pearlman, Amber Smith, Elizabeth McBride, Danielle Ransdell, Elise Porter, Jessica Wockenfuss, Cathy Liu, Kasey Waters.


Again we’re in the Center for the Arts, Dance Studio A.  Turn left after the box office, go through the double doors and down the hallway to the very end. Admission is free.  Seating is first come, first serve, but all seats should be good seats.  Hope to see you there!