Former professor makes gift to Elon library

A generous gift from a former Elon music professor will help the Belk Library expand its book and score collection in classical music and opera. Wayne T. Moore, who would also teach for and later retire from Auburn University, presented the university librarian with a check for the collection on Nov. 30.

University librarian Kate Hickey accepts a check Nov. 30, 2007, from former Elon music professor Wayne T. Moore. The gift will help the Belk Library expand its collection of books and scores in classical music and opera.
For Moore, whose expertise was in organs, classical music is “like the Bible or Shakespeare.”

“Every time you listen, even if you’ve read them 100 times, you learn new things,” he said, adding that the expansion of classical music and opera material will help students “understand it and appreciate it more.”

Opera and classical music, Moore said, also has a staying power. “I’m not sure how long Elvis Presley will last, or the Beatles, but Beethoven has been around for 200 years, and Mozart even longer,” he said. “And we listen to their music today.”

University librarian Kate Hickey accepted the gift on behalf of the university and thanked Moore for his continued support of Elon. Moore had made additional gifts in the past to the school. “It will make a big difference to our students studying classical music and music history,” she said.