Elon seniors publish children’s book for charity

Four students from a senior seminar class have written and self-published a children’s book titled “The Consequences.” Meredith Long, Kris Moody, Sara Pollock and Calley Grace, students in the School of Communications, worked on several drafts of the book over the fall semester.

David Copeland’s “Capstone: Great Ideas” class was instructed to create a project that would represent a student’s interests at Elon along with post-graduate plans.

Long, Moody, Pollock and Grace handled different aspects of the book’s development, specific to their individual concentrations, and formed their own publishing company – Fellow Oaks, Inc. “The Consequences” is available for purchase online.

The original concept and storyline for “The Consequences” stemmed from Pollock’s involvement with the Class of 2008 Periclean Scholars and their role in Chiapas, Mexico. Initially, the students were planning to use a local fable from Chiapas as the storyline, but they later adapted it to accommodate a more universal audience. The book follows a group of animals as they learn how to take care of their earth and each other.

After establishing the storyline, the students sought out another senior, Hailey Stebbins, to illustrate the book. Stebbins, an art major, used both hand-drawn and digitally enhanced sketches to bring the story to life.

“Completing this project has been more rewarding than I ever thought it would be at the beginning of the semester,” said Pollock. “It has been a great way to start my senior year and I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to work with Kris, Calley, Meredith and Hailey.  We are all very proud of the finished product and are excited to see what happens with it in the future.”

In order to print the book, the group uploaded a digital version to self-publishing giant Lulu.com’s website and awaited the printed result. To maintain the relationship between “The Consequences” and the Class of 2008 Periclean Scholars, the group set the retail price so that the profit from book sales went directly to funding future Periclean projects. To conclude the semester, Long, Moody, Pollock and Grace presented the process and the completed book to their classmates for evaluation.

To order a copy “The Consequences” online, click on the link below.

Article submitted by Calley Grace.