Eco-friendly bus stops by Elon for tours

A bus that runs on recycled vegetable oil and solar power came to Elon on Dec. 5 with two purposes: Show an example of earth-friendly roadtravel, and market a national group that teaches wilderness andleadership skills that “serve people and the environment.”

Three marketing representatives from the National Outdoor Leadership School visited the Moseley Center parking lot to share with the student community information regarding their wilderness programs and, of course, the multicolored bus that belches the odor of French fries from its exhaust pipe when running on vegetable oil.

“It’s NOLS way of promoting a wilderness ethic in urban environments,” said Andy Bassett, one of the group’s marketing representatives.

“Creating a Climate for Change” is the tour theme for the trip, which originated earlier this fall in Wyoming, where NOLS is headquartered. Elon was the second stop of the day for the three-person crew. The bus began its route in Boone, N.C., at a local high school.

“A lot of organizations will travel the country to promote themselves, but it’s great they do this way because this is what they’re all about: the environment,” said Elon junior Will Berry, who has already taken a class with the NOLS-sponsored Wilderness Medicine Institute and is enrolled in a second course for early next year. “I like how everything is green.”

For more information on the NOLS bus and other wilderness programs, click on the links below.