Das publishes column in Winston-Salem Journal on light bulbs

Pranab Das
Pranab Das published a column Jan. 5, 2008, in the Winston-Salem Journal on the subject of  legislation mandating achangeover to fluorescent lighting nationwide. He presents a shortprimer on the science of household lighting and a critique of thequality of light generated by compact fluorescent tubes.

Despite thenew bulbs’ very significant efficiency advantage, Das holds that thequality of light they produce is inevitably inferior to that ofold-fashioned incandescents and of a fundamentally different kind fromsunlight, firelight and candlelight, the types of lighting that humansfind the most pleasing and natural.

The article can be read by clicking on the link below.

Pranab Das is Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics, P.I. ofthe Global Perspectives on Science and Sprituality Program andExecutive Editor of the ISSR Library on Science and Religion.