Stay up to date with Winter Term study abroad through daily blog reports

Follow the progress of 26 Winter Term study programs around the world at a special Web site maintained by the Isabella Cannon Centre for International Study. Details..

This year approximately 730 students are traveling with nearly 60 faculty and staff members on Winter Term study programs. Trip participants are posting daily reports on their experiences on a special blogging site maintained by the Cannon Centre. Click here to access the site…

The programs include the following:

  1. Australia Aboriginal Studies
  2. Australia Ecotourism 
  3. Barbados: Post-Colonial Culture and Society 
  4. Brazil in the Third Millennium 
  5. Business in the Pacific Rim: Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia 
  6. Cathedral: An Introduction to Structures of Power 
  7. China: The Flying Dragon 
  8. Costa Rica: Language, Culture and Ecotourism 
  9. European Union: The State of Europe 
  10. Paris: Capital of Modernity?
  11. Ghana: West African History and Culture
  12. Island Legends: Serving and Learning with the Elders of Guam
  13. Guatemala Culture and Service
  14. Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of Hawaiian Identity 
  15. Ireland: An Introduction to Literature, Culture and History 
  16. Italy: Fine Arts 
  17. Italy’s Heritage: Past is Present 
  18. Studies in London 
  19. Mexico: Advanced Spanish in the Maya Worlds
  20. The Business and Culture of New Zealand 
  21. Field Biology in Peru 
  22. Peru: The Living Heritage of the Andes: Language, Society and Environment
  23. Scandinavia in the Modern World
  24. The Call of South Africa
  25. Spain: Lessons From the Past: Christianity, Islam and Judaism 
  26. WWII In Europe: On the Ground

In addition, Elon’s Project Pericles is sending a group to work and study in Mexico, and other students are studying at the Washington Center in Washington D.C.

For frequent updates on the various study programs, click on the link below…

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