Sustainability focus of College Coffee

The POWER Less Energy Competition and RecycleMania 2008 were both featured at College Coffee on Feb. 19 as Elon University continued to educate the community about its environmental sustainability efforts.

Students were given energy-efficient light bulbs during Feb. 19 during College Coffee.
The POWER Less contest, designed to see which residence hall can best reduce its energy use, officially launched during College Coffee, which was held inside the Moseley Center. Forty residence hallswill take part in the competition. Physical Plant has already measuredbaseline energy readings from sub-meters on buildings across campus.

Students in the residence facility that saves the highest percentage ofenergy compared to its baseline win environmentally green T-shirts withtheir building name. The area will win a custom-made oak trophy with anoptical crystal figurine lit by an L.E.D. array and powered by abuilt-in hand crank generator (green energy).
The trophy will continue to be passed from winner to winner insubsequent years. Officials said the contest is in line with efforts toreduce campus energy use by 6 percent.

RecycleMania began Jan. 27, but with students gone for “Fake Break,” a formal kick-off was delayed until the semester was underway. Officials will monitor theamount of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum collected oncampus before reporting their measurements to organizers on a weeklybasis ending April 5

The main goal of this event is to increasecommunity awareness of campus recycling and waste minimization.

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