2008 Physics Phenomena Photography Contest winners announced

The Elon physics department this spring held its 2nd
Annual “Physics Phenomena Photography Contest,” which was open to all Elon
students this year. The contest drew more than 200 entries with the top 50 finalists
selected for inclusion in the CELEBRATE! Week “Physics Phenomena Photography Multimedia
Show” held on Monday, April 28, 2008.

Students, faculty and even some staff
cast ballots on their favorite physics phenomena photographs in two categories:
Natural and Contrived.  Photographs
in the natural category capture spontaneous events in everyday life that
demonstrate physics concepts. 
Photographs in the contrived category are non-spontaneous events in
which the student has set up to demonstrate one or more physics concept. 


This years winners are:

Natural Category

1st Place: Kristin Leiter “Skipping Stones”

2nd Place: Brittney Romanson “Mirror, Mirror on
the Wall”

3rd Place: John Schimmelfing, Kelly Drayton, and
Kayla Corkery “Northern Lights”

Honorable Mentions:

Katherine Lee “Double Trouble”

Tracy James “Reflecting on Business”

Phillip Sholes “Tricking the Mind’s Eye”


Contrived Category

1st Place: Zachary Smith “Bottoms Up”

2nd Place: Philip Zakas “Fish Eye”

3rd Place: Robert Wilson “Short-Out”

Honorable Mentions:

Sean O’Connor “Got Milk?”

Olivia Gomez “Floating Sodas”

Kathryn Zettl “Painting with Light”

Visit the winners by clicking on the link below.