ARAMARK highlighted in USA Today for green efforts

USA Today has featured ARAMARK’s trayless policy and its commitment to increasing environmental stewardship. When ARAMARK surveyed 92,000 dining customers through the Dining Styles survey process, 79% of survey participants supported tray removal.

Why is Elon Dining Services going trayless beginning this fall? Because going trayless decreases food waste, saves energy and saves water.

Fact: Results show a 25%-30% reduction in food waste per person

Fact: Thousands of dollars are saved in energy from not having to wash trays

Fact: A tray requires between one-third and a half-gallon of water to wash

As many Elon students know, going trayless decreases waste, but it also saves energy and water by not utilizing dish machines for trays. This is especially vital when many parts of North Carolina are in a drought. Eliminating trays in dining halls also encourages more people to participate in green initiatives.

In April 2007, Elon Dining Services did a trial run with tray removal and the positive results led to the permanent establishment of trayless dining Fall 2007. 

To view the USA Today article on ARAMARK’s trayless dining policy, click on the link to the right.