Elon Students Celebrate OneWebDay with Shared Stories and Video Blogs

Elon University students participated in a OneWebDay commemoration on Sept. 22, sharing their stories about the effect the Internet has had on their lives...

September 22 is OneWebDay, a time duringwhich people from around the world plan events to promote and support an open,globally operable and accessible Internet.

In honor of OneWebDay, the Imagining theInternet Center partnered with the Greensboro News & Record to invitepeople to share video clips and written accounts about the positive impact ofthe Internet.

Elon University students are among those whosubmitted their personal stories about the ways the Web has changed theirlives. Their writing and video clips have been published online at theOneWebDay site in addition to appearing in print and online in the News &Record’s September 21 and 22 editions. The students whose work are online areKate Austin, Bryce Little, Laura Smith, Andie Diemer, Rebecca Wetherbee,Meredith Larkin, Daniel Temple, Lesley Cowie, Hannah Williams, Ryan Catanese,Rachel Cieri, Christina Edwards, Miriam Williamson, Russell Varner, DanRickershauser, Keegan Calligar, Emily Silva and Noelle Clemente.

To see all 18 Elon students’ videos and readtheir accounts, go to this OneWebDay site:


To see the stories that were carried by theNews & Record online, go to the following addresses:



And an online N&R story with a group ofother responses, including some from Elon:


Hannah Williams in Denmark.