Neville publishes article on medieval mystic Mechthild of Magdeburg

Dr. David Neville
Assistant Professor David Neville ofthe Department of Foreign Language at Elon University has publishedan article, “The Bodies of the Bride: The Language ofIncarnation, Transcendence, and Time in the Poetic Theology ofMechthild of Magdeburg,” to appear in the forthcoming issue ofMysticsQuarterly: TheAcademic Journal Of Medieval Western-European Mysticism.Neville articulatesMechthild’s mystical theology of the body by focusing on her use ofbridal imagery and seeing it as a literary-symbolic expansion ofAuerbach’s understanding of the typological. Specifically, heexamines Mechthild’s descriptions of Eve and Mary, viewing them as figural or quasi- figural rubrics, under which hediscusses the complexes of wholeness and fragmentationthat appear in Mechthild and inform her perception of corporeality.