“Painting Without Permission” screening Saturday, Oct. 25

Everyone is welcome to the first on-campus screening of “Painting Without Permission” this Saturday night at 8:00PM in Yeager Recital Hall in the Center for the Arts building.  

This 27-minute documentary will be introduced by our special guest Erin Eldred-Brown. Erin will be representing the Schools for Chiapas, a nonprofit organization that partners with the poor in rural Mexico to build autonomous schools.  

The Periclean Scholars Class of 2008 has worked closely for several years with Schools for Chiapas, and last winter traveled to Chiapas to learn more about the struggles of the indigenous people and to deepen their partnership with the Schools for Chiapas.

“Painting Without Permission” is a collaborative work, but was put together by the skilled hands of Tesla Mellage ’08. This documentary features footage of New Year’s celebrations in Oventic, and the painting of a two-room school in Suytic, Chiapas. Artist and activist Gustavo Chavez Pavon anchors the story of the mural painted on the school’s outside wall, and we learn about the Zapatista struggle for basic rights for the indigenous people’s in Mexico.

Click on the link to the right to view the trailer.