Steve Friedland co-authors book on constitutional law

Elon University School of Law professor Steve Friedland has coauthored the book, "Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why," released February 26 by Aspen Publishers.

Steve Friedland

The book is designed primarily as a guide for law students, to augment and enrich casebook reading and classroom experience in the study of constitutional law.

“Our hope in writing this book has been to unlock the mysteries of constitutional law and present it from a different perspective,” said Friedland. “The study of constitutional law includes significant exploration of case law and doctrine. Our book is designed to explain key concepts and essential components of constitutional law, highlighting connections across doctrinal areas and applications to law practice in order to create a better understanding of the subject matter.”

At Elon University School of Law, Friedland directs the Center for Engaged Learning in the Law (CELL), created to contribute to the discourse on teaching and learning the law.

Friedland has also co-authored two books related to legal education, “Techniques For Teaching Law” and “Teaching the Law School Curriculum.”

To read the publisher’s summary of Friedland’s new book on constitutional law, click here.