Dance Team Tryouts for 2009/2010

Elon University Dance Team Try-outs for 2009-2010 Team

Elon University Dance Team will hold tryouts for the 2009-2010 team the weekend of April 24-25. Current Elon students as well as incoming freshmen already accepted to Elon  are eligible to audition. Judges will be looking at physical conditioning, technique, ability to learn material quickly and the ability to grow as a performer. All candidates must fill out a try-out packet prior to the audition day. Anyone with questions or requesting a packet can e-mail with “TRYOUTS” in the subject line.

The try-out schedule will be as follows:

Friday, April 24 – Workshop
Time: 6-9 p.m.
Location: Dance Studio #6 at Campus Recreation
Attire: All candidates may where whatever they choose to the workshop, but everyone should bring tennis shoes and dance shoes.
Individuals will demonstrate technical skills (double & triple pirouettes, fouette turns, turns in seconds, leaps, switch leaps, etc), learn our Fight Song and learn a mini-routine.

Saturday, April 25 – Audition
Time: 3-5 p.m.
Location: Dance Studio #6 at Campus Recreation
Attire: Candidates should wear all black to the audition and whatever shoes they feel most comfortable auditioning in.
Individuals will try out in groups of three, demonstrating technical skills as well as the two learned materials (Fight Song & mini-routine). All candidates will be notified of the judges’ decisions in 3-4 weeks.